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After graduating from beauty school 19 years ago, Julien began his career, cutting and styling hair for women in the French Alps to support his skiing habit. There, his talent and technique attracted the attention of styling icon Jacques Dessange, who offered Julien his own vision and expertise.

After ten years, Julien ascended the ranks at Dessange and was asked to lead their New York Training School in 1992. Just two years later, he caught the eye of Frederic Fekkai and was appointed the prestigious titles of Cutting Designer and Floor Supervisor at his Chanel-owned salon. Julien led the training of Team Fekkai in both New York and Los Angeles. Despite his successes, Julien was disillusioned with the industry's focus on quantity over quality. He had a more intimate experience to offer.

On January 2nd, 2001, Julien was committed to achieving his vision and left Fekkai armed only with ingenuity and perseverance. He began to look for the perfect space - accommodating, harmonious, and accessible -- while still tending to his clients. Trusting and loyal, they followed Julien to an interim salon in a room in the Pierre Hotel.

He had a dream of building a business distinct from all others; a realm devoted not only to physical beauty, but to the indulgences that nurture the client as a whole. Thus, the idea of the Julien Farel Salon was born.

Julien Farel has worked for an extensive list of elite celebrities, including but not limited to Salma Hayek, Rachel Weisz, Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, Ivanka Trump, Audrey Tautou, Lauren Bush, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Catherine Deneuve, Arielle Dombasle, Michael J. Fox, Richard Gere, Brooke Shields, Debra Messing, Gwenyth Paltrow, Elizabeth Banks, Kate Beckinsale, and America Ferrera and Broadway stars Lea Michelle, and Stephanie March.

In addition, regular salon clients include businessmen Jonathan Tisch and Eddie Lampert as well as writer Carl Bernstein.

He has also led his team in a number of photo shoots and fashion shows for designers such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Tod's, Douglas Hannant, David Chu and many others.

With an innate passion for high fashion hair, Elizabeth Mergler moved to New York City in 2007 to immerse herself in the epicenter of the newest hair techniques and the fashion capital of the world

As the Julien Farel lead blowdry specialist, she has accomplished and evolved the Julien Farel blowdry technique to create the exact blowdry that fits the client’s needs with a touch of French elegance.

An active stylist in fashion shows, photo shoots and weddings, she loves bringing out the natural beauty by embracing and enhancing natural hair texture. She creates styles that look chic in any setting, whether walking down the aisle, the catwalk or the city streets.

Men, she loves you too and is skilled in bringing the right amount of style and substance to create a modern, yet low-maintenance look. .

Lucie started her career as a hairstylist in Paris at 17 years old. She made herself known by coming in first place in the La Intercoiffure Competition in 2007, which opened many doors for her. For the next three years, she represented France many times around the world for Intercoiffure. In 2008, she started to work in the fashion world, working at Fashion Week in Paris and on photo shoots for designers. She also perfected her haircutting and styling skills by working with many talented and creative French hairstylists, developing a specialty in up do's.

Andre J. Davis has worked as a hairstylist in the fashion and music industries for over twenty years, specializing in custom hair weaves wigs and extensions, with expertise in women's and men's hair restoration.

Andre was trained at the Vidal Sassoon academy and began his career at Astor Place Haircutters, renowned for the trendsetting styling of New York's Greenwich Village in the 1990's. After working at Bumble & Bumble, for the fashion and music industry, he became devoted to a private clientele relying on his expertise in hair loss acquired after losing his mother to bone cancer. He takes pride in the solutions he's developed for alopecia, cancer, genetic thinning and balding and over processing.

Andre was a lead stylist on TLC's "A model Life." His work is also featured at the Academy Awards, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, WWD and Victoria's Secret among others.

With over 10 years experience, the Russian stylist has made her way through various high profiled salons before finding a home with Julien Farel. She feels that with the JF Team she is able to enhance and expand her creative spirit. Specializing in short hair, her expertise is constantly being called on for up do’s and special events styling.

A regular name among prominent stylists, Alina has worked with celebrities including but not limited to; Jennifer Lopez, Carmen Electra, Lina Oren and Cindy McCain, wife of Republican presidential nominee John McCain. She has performed makeovers on the Ricki Lake Show and Live with Regis and Kelly. Her work has been showcased in publications such as; Quest and Good Housekeeping.

Mayumi always admired the art of hair design for its fashion-forward style, artistic freedom and sophistication. While in Japan, she began to learn and nurture the Japanese cutting approach where she gained much success as well as a chic clientele. Mayumi knew it was time to migrate to the fashion capital, New York City where she joined Vidal Sassoon and learned a new approach to hair design.

After a few years, Mayumi joined Julien Farel and worked intensely under both Elvin Arvelo and Julien Farel. Here she learned the French way of styling while keeping her Japanese fusion ideals. She quickly obtained her own clientele with her styling abilities and was able to showcase her talents at the 2007 & 2008 US Open tennis tournaments. In addition to her day to day salon clientele, she also possesses both editorial and runway experience. Her knowledge of different techniques allows her to bring diversity to her clients so they may work together and find a personalized and unique style.

Atsuko started her career as a hairstylist in Japan, where she was born. She made herself known among Japanese society, with clients like Japanese Princess Masako. She came to the United States, where she worked at Mark Garrison for nine and a half years to build her clientele prior to joining the Julien Farel team.

Atsuko has catered to many celebrities such as Scarlett Johannsen, Marla Maples, Amanda Bynes, Marisa Tomei, and Michael Richards. Her work has appeared in top fashion publications, including:In Style, Health & Fitness, Oprah magazine, as well as the New York Times. She has also styled hair for Good Morning Americ. She is well-renowned among the Jewish Orthodox community, emphasizing her expertise in cutting and styling wigs so that they look natural and are easy to manage.

Not only has Atsuko represented her talent in the salon with clients, but has been a L'Oreal spokesperson, traveling to speak about her passion and skills with hair, as well as the products that she uses to assist in accomplishing these terrific looks that she produces. When cutting or styling hair, Atsuko is nothing but one with great vision, precision, style - while adding a modern touch.

Master hair design artist and Mexico City native, MIGUEL ESTRADA came of age and began his impassioned career and rise as a Hair Stylist in the Latin Cultural Paradise, Miami, Florida. In 1992, MIGUEL moved to New York, and in 1997 he opened his first salon (Salon Azul) in the Upper West Side. In 1999, MIGUEL moved on to join the Jacques Dessange salon and the Yves Durif salon in New York, where he earned a deep background in French cutting techniques.

Using his unique blend of talent, style, and charm, MIGUEL has garnered the trust and loyalty of a discerning, sophisticated clientele ranging from style-setters, CEOs, socialites and celebrities. A master with scissors, MIGUEL designs distinctive, sexy and sophisticated looks for each and every client.

MIGUEL has been featured in Marie Claire, GQ Italy, Woman's Day, Zink and Casa Bella magazine.

Besides performing editorial, MIGUEL acted as Official Hair Stylist for the City of Lights/City of Angels film festival in Los Angeles, the New York Short Film Festival, and Official Hair Stylist for the U.S. Open 2000 - stylist for the players. MIGUEL also styled hair for the New York fashion week Baby Phat and Jennifer Nicholson runway show collections.

Eugenia was born in Romania in 1968. She started her career as a colorist in the Continental Hotel in Romania in 1991, and decided to have a look at the American Dream! She relocated to NYC and after building her career at Frederic Fekkai and the Cornelia Day Spa she was thrilled to join Julien Farel and his team on Madison Avenue. Also, she was part of the L’Oreal Professional colorist team for two years. The combination of her expertise and outstanding technique helped her to become an expert in the beauty industry.

In addition to her esteemed salon career, she has appeared on “Good Morning America” and was published in the New York Times, The New York Post and Health Magazine as an excellent colorist. Working on Sigourney Weaver, Heidi Klum and Christie Brinkley’s hair has made her an integral part of the color team at Julien Farel.

Anthony is a very visual colorist with a three step process that includes listening, responding and achieving.

He loves to contrast blonde on blonde and intertwine various tones of brown on brunettes. And, we must not forget his infamous hair painting technique whose end result is one that looks natural and rich in color.

Celebrity clients: His celebrity clients request anonymity, therefore "NO COMMENT!"

Marie's innate talent as a colorist has been further refined as a result of direct training under Constance Hartnett. Her achievements and experience acquired over the past twenty years has gained Marie wide recognition as one of the most skilled colorists in New York City.

Her technique and visionary approach has caught the eye of notable publications such as Self, O, InStyle, Shape, and Marie Claire. Not just limited to print, she has also been featured in a variety of television acknowledgements from "Good Morning America" to Lifetime's "A Makeover Story."

Marie believes in "Letting the natural you shine through" which has allowed all of her clients, even celebrities like Anne Heche, Sting, or Chris Botti the utmost trust in her abilities.

Known for her expertise in the French hair coloring technique of balayage, Abby Haliti is one of today’s top hair color specialist . Together with her supreme technique and vast experience, Abby’s warm personality and unique philosophy on hair care and color, have gained her a devoted following that includes many celebrities and industry insiders.

"My goal is not only to make sure that my clients are on the forefront of fashion but more importantly to achieve this without jeopardizing the health of the hair. I always strive to create a stunning yet natural look with minimal maintenance and up-keep."

Originally from Europe and educated all over the world, Abby received her extensive training with the world-renowned colorist Nancy Braun and other Platform Artists at L’Oreal Academy. It didn’t take long for Haliti to become one of the most sought after colorists among the top New York City salons and to be recognized for creating her signature sexy, bohemian looks - often seen on celebrities like Gisele Bundchen and Sarah Jessica Parker. Using the technique of balayage, Abby transforms blonde and brunette locks into lighter, multidimensional strands without the brassiness.

Today, Abby Haliti continues to cultivate her passion for beauty and hair by educating inspiring colorists about the technique of balayage, working at the Julien Farel Salon in New York City, and traveling the world on exciting projects.

Starting his career 10 years ago in his native Canada, Aidan quickly learned that if he wanted to be at the top of his game he had to be on Madison Avenue.

Since moving to New York in 1998, he has quickly become a veteran of Madison, working with the likes of Mark Garrison and Rita Hazan.

Aidan is able to create hair color that ranges anywhere from natural to funky and contemporary. He is especially talented at creating natural blondes, reds and soft browns as well as color correction.

He believes in finding the color that best suits an individual by utilizing characteristics such as skin tone, eye color, and lifestyle as a determining factor.

Aidan follows the idea that foil placement is customized according to the haircut bringing maximum movement to the specific hairstyle. He adapts highlights to curly hair by creating a piecier look that is able to fully define the curl. He creates the perfect hair tones to compliment the client's desired look.

His work has become the favorite of many local television personalities and he continues to build a steady and loyal clientele. For his expert opinion, he has been featured in magazines such as Fitness and Good Housekeeping.

Having worked at a salon since the age of 18, the China native always knew he wanted to become a colorist. After working at a few different salons, he met color director Peter Oon and realized that if he were to make it to the top he would have to become a part of the Julien Farel Group. Peter took Mike under his wing for almost two years and taught him how to fortify his skills by being more creative with color and take more risks.

Working under a professional, Mike took with him Peter’s best attributes while finding himself an edge that gave him distinction from the rest: a calling to give women what nature did not. Specializing in texturizing treatments such as the Japanese Straightening and the Permanent Wave, Mike works to provide what his clients long for. Transforming hair color as well as its texture, he strides to make his clients look and feel beautiful all the time.

With a devoted clientele following, Oksana is known for her professional expertise and immediate results. With direct training under master facialist, Anne Semomin, she is able to diagnose every individual skin type and provide treatment that will refresh even the most troubled complexion.

Oksana's renowned manicures have gained her recognition from the "Best of New York" issue of New York Magazine and have attracted celebrities among the likes of Carl Bernstein, Martha Stewart, Kate Spade, Sigourney Weaver, Charlize Theron, and Catherine Deneuve.

Oksana has honed her skills during her many years at Julien Farel and offers the best techniques for hair removal. She is able to accent and shape eyebrows and her Brazilian bikini waxes are renowned throughout New York City, since she promises a gentle and quick finish as well as permanent results with electrolysis, offered as of fall 2007.

She prides herself on her client's consistent satisfaction and continues to promote the health, well being and beauty of her services at the salon.

Natacha has been in the aesthetic industry since 1999 working for the most renowned and prestigious companies in Paris where she gained recognition and mastered her profession.

With her educational background of cosmetics, Natacha prides herself in being versatile – able to provide facials and waxing, manicure, pedicure and make up services. She is terrific in analysis as well as making product recommendations for skin and nails to fully satisfy our clientele. Her ability to communicate in both English and French assists her in providing a high standard of service. She is a significant contribution to the Julien Farel team through her technical skills and knowledge.

Jenny's experience stems from her days at Garren NY.

When Jenny "works" her tweezers, she automatically achieves astonishing results. She is gifted when it comes to shaping your brow and making them look natural and clean.

Her remarkable manicure and pedicure keep her clients coming back for more. Be sure to make an appointment before leaving to assure that your hands and feet are well taken care of!

She has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, French Vogue, Japanese Vogue, Seventeen, Cosmo, Harpers' Bazaar and V Magazine.

In addition, Jenny has collaborated with many beauty professionals on runway shows including Fashion Week at Bryant Park where she assisted renowned names such as Luca Luca, DKNY, Donna Karan, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Apart from runway experience, she has worked with celebrities like Destiny's Child and partook in a Helmut Lang campaign among many others.

Brice Nicham has been treating women and men with his exceptional "Health Pedicure" since 2005, starting shortly after receiving his diploma. Grouping three areas of expertise usually done separately, he treats callouses and corns and renders the feet beautiful with a combination of exfoliation, massage and warm wrapping, finishing with a heavenly massage of the foot and leg. His unique approach to foot care has rapidly become THE standard, attributable to his belief in perfectionism and luxury.

His treatments were elected BEST TREATMENT in Paris by MARIE CLAIRE magazine and BEST FOOT SPECIALIST by VOGUE magazine.

He splits his busy schedule between three continents and has chosen the JULIEN FAREL SALON as his New York outpost, where he will be available one week every month.

His client roster includes: Eva Longoria, Nicole Kidman, Ariel Dombasle, Anne Fontaine, Valeria Bruni, Michel Polnareff and members of the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia.

Irina began her career in her native Kiev, Ukraine. She came to New York in 1990 to refine her skills in a fast paced environment and quickly became known on Madison Avenue as a talented nail specialist.

She joined the Julien Farel team in 2007 with fifteen years experience and has since proven to be a most efficient technician. Irina is an expert at the treatment of dry cuticles and is well practiced with our Yves Saint Laurent products. Not only does she promise a flawless manicure and pedicure, but also complete relaxation for every client.